David TennantWho killed Danny Latimer?  

It’s the question on everybody’s lips – and tomorrow night, we’re finally going to find out, when ITV’s fab drama comes to a thrilling conclusion. In preparation, we take a look at the prime suspects…


Tom Miller  (played by Adam Wilson)

The laptop, the text messages, the fight… he may be school age but he’s obviously hiding some dark secrets.


Joe Miller  (played by Matthew Gravelle) 

Ellie said in the penultimate episode: “whatever my child had done, I’d want to protect him’ – could this also be true of Tom’s father and Ellie’s husband Joe? Was he an accomplice to Tom’s crime? Did Susan mistake him for Nigel that night on the beach? They are the only two bald men in Broadchurch, after all…


Nige Carter  (played by Joe Sims) 

So Susan, his biological mother, said she saw him on the beach on the night of the murder. He also went on mysterious hunting trips with Danny. And what’s with the cross bow and lack of alibi?  Let’s not forget this creepy plumber’s father is a convicted murderer. Could it be in his genes?


Reverend Paul Coates  (played by Arthur Darvill)

His shady behaviour has worried viewers throughout, not least his sinister, secretive relationship with young Tom Miller. But is the recovering alcoholic priest really capable of murder?


The rank outsider:

DI Alec Hardy (played by David Tennant) 

Has this all been a ruse to cover up his failings in the Sandbrook case? Is his heart giving way through the sheer stress of trying to ‘solve’ the crime that he himself committed? Doubtful, we say, but then stranger things have happened.


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 Note: ITV have not issued any preview discs. These theories are our own.