David Tennant as DI Hardy *swoon*

When the shocking murder of a young boy in small coastal town, Broadchurch, threatens to tear the community apart – who you gonna call? Well, David Tennant of course.

After episode 3 our minds have gone into a Columbo-esque meltdown of red herrings, twists and endless suspects.

So the WO office is channeling their Cluedo-like skills to narrow down the suspects:

CHLOE (moody sister) During searches at the Latimer house, £500 in cash was found in Danny’s room and cocaine was discovered under her bed. Turns out Chloe’s dodgy boyfriend was delivering drugs to hotel owner Becca. *alarm bells ringing*

BECCA (Flirty hotel owner) So, now we know she was having a sordid affair with the dad, Mark.

ARTHUR (community Reverend) At first he appeared to serve no purpose but he had a comforting chat with Beth Latimer after she had a meltdown in a supermarket car park and admitted she was pregnant (but who’s the father? Another thread to pull at).  He also had a heart-to-heart with Danny’s gran, who encouraged him to bring the community together at the church… there’s something there, but we’re still none the wiser about his true involvement.

DI Hardy (Broody ‘there’s been a murrrder’ Inspector) Popping pills to deal with his demons and flashbacks, we’ve seen he has a picture of a young girl in his wallet, that can’t be a good thing. And not only does he have a pesky tabloid journo on his case, he’s also got a creepy self-proclaimed psychic called Mark bothering him now.

MARK (creepy psychic)  Claims to be receiving messages from beyond the grave about Danny, telling mum, Beth, that she knows the killer ‘very well’. But he also knows some of the secrets about Hardy’s past. He’s either a complete fruit loop, or an evil fruit loop… watch this space.

SUSAN (shifty character in the caravan) She has Danny’s skateboard locked in a cupboard – is she just a hoarder? Is there something more sinister? She lurks suspiciously in the background of every other scene? We suspect she’s the central red herring at the mo, but we could be wrong.

JACK (Doddering newsagent and Danny’s boss) gave us more clues as he revealed that he’d seen Danny arguing with what looked like a postman a month ago. The postie claimed to barely know Danny and has an alibi. Is Jack’s story true?

IN CONCLUSION…We still have no idea!  So far, the central suspect was Danny’s dad Mark, but turns out he was only guilty of cheating, so now we think there’s good odds on his sister Chloe being more involved than the sullen teenager lets on.



The cast of Broadchurch, including David Tennant, didn’t even know the culprit until the last moments of filming. To read more, click here