beyonce admits her mum keeps her groundedIt must be hard to stay ‘normal’ when you’re as famous as Beyonce but the superstar has revealed that it’s her mum who keeps her feet firmly on the ground.

Currently on a world tour Beyonce, 31, has revealed that people often expect her to be a diva revealing: ‘I feel sometimes when you’re a celebrity people expect you not to do things like shop for groceries or use supermarket eye drops.

‘But I’m just a person too, and the person I am when I’m up there on stage is the person I am for a few hours of the day.’

The singer also added: ‘The rest of the time I’m at home with my family, changing diapers and treated the same as everyone else.

‘And if I try to behave differently, my mother is on the case. She’s like, ‘Girl, you are not the Queen!’ So I’m never allowed to think I am.’