Former rugby star Ben Cohen has recently been celebrating an important family milestone with girlfriend Kristina Rihanoff. The professional ballroom dancer and her beau have been marking their daughter Milena’s first birthday, and posed for a special photo-shoot with OK! Magazine as part of their celebrations.

However, while Ben looked to be playing happy families with his partner Kristina and their young daughter, some of Ben’s fans were angered that he seemed to be forgetting another part of his life – his other family.

Before meeting Kristina Rihanoff during series 11 of BBC show Strictly Come Dancing, Ben was married to his ex-wife, Abbey, for 12 years.

Although both Kristina and Ben fiercely denied reports that their relationship began before Ben and Abbey split, many people suggested otherwise – including Ben’s ex-wife.

The 37-year-old, who divorced Ben in 2016 following their split, told The Daily Mirror, “I’m Ben Cohen’s ex-wife. If it wasn’t for that woman me and Ben would still be married. But so what? I’m moving on.”

At the time, she described the break down of their marriage and subsequent divorce as “the most traumatic thing to ever happen to me”.

Despite that, Abbey said “I don’t want to talk about being the ditched wife. Ben’s getting on with his life. I wish him well with his new family.”

While Ben has been moving forward with ‘his new family’ and building a life with Kristina and Milena, many have wondered what has happened to his two daughters that he shares with Abbey.

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Abbey and Ben welcomed their twin daughters, Harriette and Isabelle, in 2008. Since his divorce from Abbey, there have been very few photographs of Ben and his daughters together.

His most recent magazine cover, showing off his new family, caused some to question how often he sees his eldest daughters.

“Cute, Ben, but what about your OTHER children?” questioned one fan on twitter after seeing his OK! Magazine cover.

To which Ben was forced to defend himself explaining, “No allowed to be photographed buddy.”

Abbey posted a lovely photo of her girls last month on their last day of school before the summer holidays, and so after Ben’s photo shoot with Milena, some people called in to question the time and attention he gives to his twins.

“Hope they get the time and love that they deserve” a concerned fan wrote to Ben on social media. While others rushed to ‘like’ Abbey’s picture of her two children, “Lovely family picture, they are the spitting image of you Abby” said one fan.

It’s impossible to know how Ben actually spends his time in his private life. But we hope that he and his children are all happy – whatever their family arrangements are.