Louis Walsh, Nicole Scherzinger, Tulisa, Gary BarlowWe had a great time at the X Factor results show last night.

As soon as we stepped through the door and were led down the warren of corridors backstage, you could feel a buzz in the air.

After spying Tulisa’s PA, Gareth, taking her pet dog for a walk while she got ready for the show, we took a break in the canteen where contestants, crew and family members were being served meat pie and veg.

Caroline Flack was chilling out pre-show by getting her nails done at one of three nail technicians’ tables backstage, while others were checking they were camera ready in the full length mirrors available.

Time to hit the studio and the hour whizzed by with two top performances from X Factor alumna Rebecca Ferguson and Taylor Swift.

We were very impressed to see Nicole taking her job seriously as she made notes throughout a replay of Saturday’s show. During the breaks, the judges left the studio to speak to their acts or had their make up touched up stage-side.

As the results were announced you could clearly see the nerves on the judges’ faces, with Tulisa and Gary – rightly, it turned out – looking the most anxious.

Dermot comforted Melanie and District 3 during the sing off, and the boys seemed certain that up against the powerhouse of Melanie’s vocals, they were sure to be sent home. But as the vote was sent to deadlock for the second week in a row, on and off camera Gary looked defeated.

With the show over, Caroline Flack and Olly Murs took to the stage for ITV2’s Xtra Factor. We spotted ‘arch rivals’ Gary and Louis having a heart to heart before speaking to Caroline and Olly, disproving all those rumours of a feud. In fact, the judges looked pretty relaxed in each other’s company, without many signs of tension of aggressive body language.

While the party carried on in the Xtra Factor studio, we left the studio into the cold night air. One last thing – Gary and Dermot are just as gorgeous in the flesh!