Angelina Jolie to play Nigella Lawson in new film

Angelina Jolie, 38, is being lined up to play Nigella Lawson, 54, in a film about the TV chef’s life.

According to reports the US are said to be so hooked on the recent events in Nigella’s life that they want to make a film all about her high-profile split from husband Charles Saatchi… and they have Angelina in their sights for the leading role!

An insider revealed: ‘Angie had planned to take a lot of time off next year but this role is very tempting. She has been gripped like everyone else by all the drama surrounding Nigella these past few months and thinks she is a remarkable woman.’

If the film gets the go-ahead it’s said to cover the recent £685,000 fraud trial of Nigella’s former aides Elisabetta and Francesca Grillo.

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By Laura Hills