Andrea McLean Loose Women bungee jumpFor those of you who weren’t watching today’s Loose Women here’s what you missed… Andrea McLean reverse bungee jumping, all in the name of charity.

The brave Loose Women panelist bungeed 37 meters up into the sky at over 50 mph after the show managed to reach their Text Santa Charity Appeal target of £50,000.

Talking before she attempted the stunt live on the show Andrea confessed, ‘I was kind of OK and I even woke up this morning and thought ‘yes OK, I can do this’ and… now I’ve actually seen what it is I’ve got to do. Is it too late to change my mind?’

‘I’ve got thermal long johns on… I was more worried about being cold this morning and then I saw it and I’m so hot now, I’m so scared… The bit I’m most nervous about is what if I go ping and then it lets go and Wile E. Cayote I go sailing over London!’

Good for you Andrea!

Check out an image of the jump below.

Andrea McLean bungee jumps for Text Santa


By Laura Hills