Amanda Holden at Pride of Britain Awards 2012Amanda Holden has had a tough couple of years, including a tragic stillbirth and nearly dying while in labour with daughter Hollie earlier this year.

But the Britain’s Got Talent judge says she has found writing her autobiography a great coping mechanism. ‘It’s a weird thing trying to remember your life,’ she says.

‘It’s therapy, in a way. Loads has happened to me, I’ve come out the other end, and I want my children to be proud of me when they read it.’

Amanda, 41, also reveals the title for the book: No Holden Back. ‘If I had a facelift I could call the next one Holden Back The Years,’ she jokes. ‘My story has been told 90 times but often not by me! There will be loads of stuff in there people will have no clue about.’

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