Alan Carr opens up about meeting men

By Laura Hills

Funny man Alan Carr has admitted that he used to hang around hair salons trying to meet men.

The comedian, who grew up in Northampton, says that he had to go to extreme lengths to try and find guys. Alan, 37, said: ‘There was no gay outlet. I ended up hanging around hairdressers to see where they went when they clocked off. Then you’d hear about a ‘poetry evening’ so you’d head off there. It was like being in the Resistance, trying to find gays.’

Alan also opened up about awkward interviews with celebrity guests on his channel 4 show Chatty Man. He said: ‘Those people from Twilight came on… you could tell it was their 25th interview of the day. One of the girls was alarmed by my voice and she said I was scaring her. I was like, ‘You’ve filmed with vampires. You’re in a horror genre. But a gay man offers you a Lambrini and you’re like, AAARGHHHH.’

Don’t worry, we love you Alan!


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