Hans up who loves Colin?

So first of all, can we just mention the fact that Colin Firth returns to the big screen for the latest instalment of the Bridget Jones saga. Because next week can’t come soon enough! The seasoned actor will be reprising his role as Mark Darcy, in Bridget Jones’s Baby, which hits cinemas on September 16th.

To help you count down the days until the return of our favourite British actor, we’ve put together a list of the 7 things you never knew about him. Happy reading!

1. He’s fluent in Italian

Firth began learning this most romantic of languages while dating his wife, Italian film producer and director Livia Firth (née Giuggioli). And he got the chance to demonstrate his linguistic skills in a speech at the Venice Film Festival!

2. THAT lake scene from Pride & Prejudice was meant to be racier

colin firth

It’s been 21 years since the BBC’s adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel hit our screens, so maybe you’ve forgotten the scene where Darcy emerges from lake at Pemberley to be greeted by a blushing Eliza Bennett? Who are we kidding?!

According to Andrew Davies, the series screenwriter, the ‘wet shirt scene’ should have actually been the ‘Mr Darcy full-frontal nudity scene’. Crikey! Davies also revealed that he doesn’t know why the shirt was included in the final scene, but suggested that is was probably because Firth wanted to hide his ‘love handles’.

3. Helen Fielding had a huge crush on Mr Darcy

Fielding was reportedly so besotted with Firth’s Pride & Prejudice character Mr Darcy that she created Mark Darcy after him. Unsurprisingly Mr Darcy/Colin Firth also gets several mentions in the book Bridget Jones’s DiaryWatching Pride & Prejudice with friends, Bridget says:

“We all fell silent then, watching Colin Firth emerging from the lake dripping wet, in the see-through, white shirt. Mmm. Mmmm.”

4. His Love Actually kissing scene was ‘designed’…



down to the last detail…

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 12.12.30


And that’s not all…

5. There’s a spooky coincidence involving his Oscar nominations

Firth has been nominated for 2 Academy Awards. He got the first nomination for A Single Man (2010), and another for his starring role in The King’s Speech (2011). And unbelievably, he played a lead character named George in both films!

6. He’s a budding scientist and shopkeeper!

Colin’s parents are both university academics, and it seems that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The actor revealed that he was the perfect combination of brains and brawn by co-authoring a leading scientific paper. Oooh! And his list of skills doesn’t end there. The screen star also had a turn as a shopkeeper and previously owned an eco-friendly store in London called Eco Age.

7. He’s a sucker for a Disney film

While the actor revealed that he doesn’t watch much TV, he does indulge in a good weep over a Disney film.

“Dumbo gets me all the time. The scene where he visits his mum where she’s locked in the cage and holds him in her trunk through the bars. I choke up and I’m a real mess,” he told People magazine.