It’s left fans criticising Charles all over again…

The Diana documentary, Diana: In Her Own Words, has undeniably become one of the most controversial pieces of TV footage about the royal family ever shown. Aired on Channel 4, the plans to show it were met with anger initially. Many claimed the People’s Princess should be left to rest in peace.

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And others dismissed it’s worth, saying it would only further upset her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

But the documentary went ahead, airing on Monday 7th. The show was Channel 4’s most successful so far this year, with 3.5 million people tuning in.

And, although fans worried that it would show Diana in a bad light, it seems that the most damage has been done to Prince Charles and the most senior members of the royal family.

The tapes left royals fans furious at the Princess’ revelations over her estranged husband. In the documentary, where Diana is seen talking to her voice coach, she discussed the now infamous affair between Charles and Camilla.

She says, “I remember saying to my husband, ‘Why? Why is this lady around? And he said, ‘Well, I refuse to be the only Prince of Wales that never had a mistress.’”

Diana also discusses her later relationship with a royal bodyguard, Barry Manakee. And the former Princess of Wales made some pretty damning claims about the royals involvement in his death…

She said, “It was all found out and he was chucked out and then he was killed. And that was the biggest blow of my life, I must say.”

shock revelations from the diana documentary

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The People’s Princess also revealed her desire to do “everything possible” to stop Charles from becoming King. And she even made clear her wish that her son, William, would directly succeed the Queen instead.

And it seems that the explosive revelations have left the public and royal fans even more outraged than ever of Charles’ treatment of Diana, with many appearing to agree with the late Princess that he shouldn’t be King.

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One outraged viewer wrote, “Have lost all respect for the royal family after seeing that show on Diana. Their dad was horrid to her. The royal family should end when the Queen dies. We don’t need them.”
While another commented, “I was soooo angry watching it, they treat her appallingly. I’ve never been a lover of Prince Charles, but after watching the programme, I think he’s a bl***y disgrace.
Other users made clear their belief that WILLIAM should be the next King instead of Charles, too…
It’s clear that the impact the programme has had on public opinion will be felt in the royal household. And, many royal commentators agree that the dramatic documentary could have caused irreparable damage to Charles and Camilla’s reputation – which has been carefully honed in the years since Diana’s death.

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Sally Bedell-Smith, Prince Charles’ biographer, has also admitted it’ll have caused trouble. She said, “I think it will have caused some short-term damage, because it has stirred up memories of all that happened in the 1980s and 1990s all over again.”

Joe Little, of Majesty Magazine,  also admitted, “It certainly isn’t going to help their cause, because it puts them in a damaging light”.

Although the royal family are unlikely to make an official comment or statement regarding the documentary or the backlash, one thing is for certain – Prince Charles will have to work hard once again if he wants to win back public opinion and prove that he could indeed, one day, be King.