Reality TV star Stephanie Davis has divided fans with an online plea to raise money for her four-year-old-nephew.

Steph’s cousin Charley suffers with cerebral palsy and is in desperate need of a pioneering stem cell treatment, only available in the US. It costs £25,000.

In order to help raise the funds, Steph tweeted a link to a fundraising page for Charley.

Some followers, however, were quick to blast Steph for her post, accusing her of sharing the post for ‘media attention’ and questioning why she can’t pay the fee herself. One twitter user said: ‘You could pay for the whole lot from The Jeremy McConnell Boyfriend Fund. The London hotel to keep him happy must have cost you a bomb.#fool

While another wrote, ‘Didn’t 1 of the mags say she was worth 1.5 mill? I’m damn sure she could pay for that herself #attentionseeker #putyourhandinyourpocketsteph.’

Followers were wary that Steph was using the situation to further her career within the media. One user said: ‘She’s disgusting, using family tragedies as a way to attention seek. I’m appalled that she hasn’t paid for his treatment herself. Vile.’

Others supported Steph, believing that she’s doing it for the right reasons.

‘He is beautiful Steph,’ one wrote. ‘Fingers and toes crossed he gets there.Brave little boy. I will definitely be donating. x x x x’

Another defended Steph, arguing that those criticising her were failing to see the bigger picture. ‘This is about a little boy wanting supporters/friends not nastiness if you checked his Facebook page you will see that (Charley’s story)’

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