WARNING: Not Suitable For Work!


The long anticipated trailer for 50 Shades Darker is finally here, and it more than lives up to expectations!

The trailer, for the second instalment of the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy was shared by the official twitter account for the movie franchise last night.

Featuring Dakota Johnson as Anastasia and Jamie Dornan back to his smouldering best as the mysterious Christian Grey, 50 Shades Darker promises even more on-screen chemistry between the pair than before.

The trailer doesn’t give away too much. However, it does promise more drama, many more steamy scenes, and perhaps even a few answers to the many questions raised in the first movie. Although the trailer also raises as many new questions. Who is the man that traps Anastasia in his office? Why is she being followed be sinister individuals? And who is the creepy woman Anastasia keeps seeing?!

Check out the new 50 Shades Darker trailer here…

“Intrigued?” Christian (a.k.a Jamie Dornan) asks in trailer. Why yes, yes we are!