Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield frequently leave their viewers in tears during ‘This Morning’. Whether it’s tears of laughter or tears from being moved by a poignant topic covered on the show, there are often few dry eyes left in the house.

Yesterday’s show was no exception. Tackling the tough and incredibly important subject of bullying, Holly & Phil invited Dr.Ranj onto the show to offer viewers the chance to call in for some advice from the expert if their child has been affected by bullying. The segment was part of the This Morning Be Kind campaign which aims to raise awareness around the growing issue of bullying.

Phillip and Holly are joined on the sofa by David Wilson and his step-daughter, 14-year-old Emilie. Emilie shared her experience of being bullied to the point of self-harm.

One caller, named Joanne, called about her son who was so affected by bullying he was terrified to leave the house.

Whilst speaking live on air, Phil asked if the teenager was there with her, and if he could speak to him. What he did next won him praise up and down he country.

Speaking to the youngster Phil asked, “Do you watch a lot of TV? Do you want to come down and see us? Secretly. You don’t have to come on the TV but do you want to come and spend the morning with us?”

The boy accepted Phil’s kind invitation. Then the presenter extended his generous offer even more. Learning that the boy was a Doctor Who fan, Phil promised to talk to the BBC to see what they could do.

Phil’s sweet, spontaneous gesture moved many of the show’s viewers. Fans took to social media to heap praise on the presenter.

The This Morning Be Kind campaign

Learn more about the This Morning Be Kind campaign from the ITV website.

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Finally, we hope Joanne’s son does end up taking Phil up on his offer. And, that he has an amazing time at the ITV studios!

Good on Holly and Phil for tackling such an important and prevalent issue on their show.