We really feel for Gail!

Former TV presenter Gail Porter has revealed the real reason behind her bankruptcy woes and admits she “was an idiot” for avoiding, rather than dealing with her worsening financial situation.

Speaking on Loose Women the 45-year-old revealed that mental health problems and the death of her mother led to a break down.

“I was sectioned about six years ago. You can’t pay your bills. A doctor is looking after you – although they weren’t,” Gail said.

‘The bills kept coming in. I’d had a break down and lost my mum. There were lots of things going on in my life. So I put them under a pillow – do not do that.”

And in a surprise confession the mum-of-one took some responsibility for her troubles, saying:

“My problem was a ran away from everything. And when you run away from things they get worse. I was an idiot. I don’t have huge amounts of bills but I have enough that I couldn’t pay.”

The former presenter also opened up about her lowest moment, and event so painful she even hid it from her 14-year-old daughter Honey.

“Ages ago I couldn’t afford anyway so I sort of hung out on Hampstead Heath and slept on a bench,’ Gail said. ‘My daughter Honey didn’t know at the time. She is 14 now though, so she knows. I kept everything bottled up.”

Gail also revealed that despite what she has been through Honey and ex-hubby Dan Hipgrave remain her rocks.

“I have a wonderful relationship with my daughter, and I get on well with my ex-husband.”

Gail’s bankruptcy

Gail was officially declared bankrupt at London’s High Court Of Justice last week, with a source close to Miss Porter revealing her shock at the news:

“It’s been a really rough few years for Gail and this is another devastating blow,” the source said.

“She did everything she could to stop this from happening.

“But in the end the debt became too large and she simply could not cope. It was proving horrifically stressful and has caused her several sleepless nights.

“Gail is determined to make the best of a bad situation though, and start afresh.”

The Scottish former model and ex-presenter of shows including Top of the Pops has hit the headlines more than once over the last two decades, opening up about her battles with alopecia, post-natal depression and a more recent diagnosis with bi-polar disorder.

Gail’s current Twitter account status  – which reads ‘I’m in a glass cage of emotion’ – seems to reflect her inner turmoil. She also retweeted this inspiring quote which focuses on finding your strength.

We’re really rooting for Gail and her daughter Honey and hope they can come through this!

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