Despite her meteoric rise to fame, and her impressive run of chart toppers, Adele is still a down to earth girl who knows it's all about balancing fame with family.

Here are just a few of the times Adele was just like us – and some of the many reasons why we love this world-class, multi-award winning singer!

1. She’s up for a laugh and doesn’t take herself too seriously

Adele couldn’t resist making fun of the fact that she turned another year older this month. Instead of mourning the end of her 20s, Adele celebrated her birthday and being one year away from the milestone of 30 (still so young!) by posting this hilarious snap on Instagram:

Nearly 30! Thanks for the well wishes. See you soon x

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With a wig and prosthetic make-up on to age her features, we hardly recognised the usually glamorous singer!

Whether it’s having a laugh at a big, glitzy award ceremony, or making fun of herself on live TV, Adele knows how to have a good time – and bring others along for the ride! Who can forget her hilarious skit on the Ellen DeGeneres show? Adele made a range of hilarious diva-like requests as directed by Ellen via a hidden earpiece and fooled everyone. A must watch!

2. She’s no gym bunny

She’s not a fan of the gym and doesn’t care who knows it. We love this Instagram shot – all pain and no gain!



3. She loves a good giggle!

If something tickles Adele, she’s not afraid to chuckle to her heart’s content. Her laugh is as famous as she is!



4. She’s got a soft side for kids

The singer invited 12-year-old Emily Tammam on stage for a touching rendition of Someone Like You and made her dreams come true! Sweet!

5. She’s had weight battles…and overcome them

2013 to 2015 – this LBD side by side shows just how far she’s come!


6. She gets just as excited as us when award’s season gets underway

And what better way to mark the occasion than a high five with the handsome Daniel Craig? Top marks Adele!

High Five


7. She LOVES the The Spice Girls and isn’t afraid to show it – brilliant!



8. She’s an on-the-go mum just like the rest of us! adele-working-mum

9. She likes to drink wine…lots of wine!adele-smiling

During her appearance with James Cordon for the Late Late Show, Adele admitted that after a few too many glasses of vino with a friend, she paid for a fans meal. If that wasn’t enough, she then got another family of fans tickets to her sold out show after she had more wine. Ha!