A girl can dream...

Loving husband, talented actor and swoon-worthy hunk Tom Hardy is just the person we’d love to greet us at the end of a long day. Tom is currently debuting in fast paced BBC series Taboo. And so to celebrate we’ve put together a list of 11 reasons this screen star would make for the ultimate homecoming.

1. He loves dogs…need we say more

tom hardy













Tom and his rescue dog Woody are the ultimate partners in crime. He even took his four-legged BFF to the red carpet premiere of his hit movie Legend. Awww!

2. He’s the coolest dad ever!


Hardy’s 8-year-old son Louis is the apple of his father’s eye. And this video of the pair rapping ‘together’ – BabyBjorn and all – proves that Tom is one Daddy Cool.

3. He’s ripped

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Who needs yoga to de-stress when you can open the door to this every night? We’d give our right arms to spend a day in wife Charlotte Riley’s shoes!

4. He was very nearly Mr Darcy

Yes you read that right. Tom auditioned for the role of Mr Darcy in the 2005 adaptation of Pride & Prejudice, and narrowly missed out to Matthew Macfadyen. We bet he still remembers all his lines. Now that’s given us an idea for a dream night in…

5. He speaks fluent French

Just when we thought he couldn’t get any sexier, we discover this. After growing up in the South of France, Tom mastered the language of love. We can just hear him now ‘Votre bain à bulles est prêt’ – that’s ‘you’re bubble bath is ready’ to you and me 🙂

6. He’s in touch with his feminine side

After playing more than his fair share of hard men, we were surprised to hear that Tom feels “intrinsically feminine”. He even revealed his love of women’s shoes during an interview with Attitude magazine saying: “I love classic, elegant women’s shoes…maybe a Louboutin or Jimmy Choo”. Tom if you can hear us, we’ve got a shoe cupboard that needs organising!

7. He’s a real life hero

Tom Hardy













Tom Hardy once rescued a kitten. A sentence that so amazing we had to read it twice! The actor found a kitten while filming TV movie Gideon’s Daughter in Bucharest in 2005, and promptly took him back to his suite at the Hilton. Lucky little thing! The actor named the cute ball of fluff C.J., and took to MySpace in the hopes of finding it’s owner. Tom later posted an update saying that C.J. had been adopted by the costume department at the studio in Romania. We love a happy ending!

8. His brooding performance in Taboo is…well…we have no words!

9. You’d wake up to this face…every…day!


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And that’s not all

10. He’s the perfect combination of naughty and nice…

tom hardy








We’ll leave you to imagine the rest 🙂

11. He’d provide the motivation you need for that morning workout…

tom hardy












and you can wear this vest top without it being ironic!














12. He will always…loooove youuuu!

13. That wink though!