We asked Pat T from Leeds about her Woman’s Own Bingo jackpot win – on the day she joined!

Why did you join Woman’s Own Bingo?

I lived in Spain for 12 years and a group of us used to go and play bingo together every Thursday evening. It was a great night out. When I moved back to the UK two years ago, I tried going to my local bingo hall but I didn’t enjoy it. I twas too noisy, too expensive, there were long breaks between games and you couldn’t have a proper conversation while you were playing. In so many ways, it just wasn’t the same at all.

My sister Wendy plays online, so she suggested I give it a go too. I’m not great with computers and the internet, but she helped me to sign up to Woman’s Own Bingo and, after depositing £10 I got a £25 free play bonus.

I was surprised at how easy it was to buy tickets and join in the games. It’s lovely to be able to have a cuppa and a chat while you’re playing and even better, there’s no danger of missing a number as they are marked off automatically for you.

How did you win your £1,307 jackpot?

90 Ball BingoThe night I joined I was playing 90 ball bingo in the Tiki room, where tickets cost between 1p and 5p each. I was on my seventh game and really enjoying myself, when I noticed I was close to winning the full house prize of around £20. The next thing I knew, my ball was called and I let out a little yelp! But then a message came up on screen saying I had won £1,307!

I’d won the full house prize and the progressive jackpot, which keeps building up until somebody gets a full house in 40 ball calls or fewer.


Congratulations Pat on your Woman’s Own Bingo win!

Why not join in the fun at Woman’s Own Bingo today and you could be a big money winner too, just like Pat!


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