Womans Own BingoEvery week in Woman’s Own Magazine, we feature some amazing winner’s stories about everyday, REAL people winning massive jackpots, but what do they all do with their bingo wins?

We’ve compiled a list, and here’s the Top 10 things people like to do with their bingo wins!

The top 10 things Woman’s Own Bingo winners do with their jackpot win!

  1. Book a holiday
  2. Buy presents for family
  3. Put into savings
  4. Buy things for the home
  5. Buy new clothes
  6. House renovations
  7. Put towards a house deposit
  8. Put towards the bills
  9. Put towards a new car
  10. Go out for a celebation dinner

How about you? What would you do if you won a jackpot with Woman’s Own Bingo?

Join now for your chance and you never know, you could be booking your dream holiday or renovating your house too!


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