Helen T, 64, from Huntingdon, tells us about her £6,710 jackpot win on Woman’s Own Bingo!

Helen’s Woman’s Own Bingo Win


womans own bingo lounge

Helen won in the Bingo Lounge

Bingo is boring, that’s what I had always thought. I’d never had any interest in playing it. “Watching balls come out, how is that fun?” I’d say to friends who enjoyed it. But that was before I discovered Woman’s Own Bingo.

When my husband Brian suggested I try playing online bingo, I didn’t expect to enjoy it. I tried a few sites but I didn’t win anything. But ten I saw an advert for Woman’s Own Bingo. I loved it straight away. It was so much more fun than other sites, easy to play and a fantastic layout. Even better, just two weeks after joining I won £204 and £242 within 30 minutes of each other! I’ve since had a few more small wins, but nothing prepared me for what happened back in February.

I was having lunch while I was watching Loose Women on TV and decided to have a coule of games at the same time. I bought 6 x 10p tickets for the next Bingo Lounge game. While waiting for it to start, I was distracted by the ladies’ banter and when I looked back at the computer I realised the game had dinished – and I noticed that the lucky winner had also scooped the progressive jackpot, and had a similiar usename to mine. Then I looked again, it was my username and I’d won a whopping £6,710!

Helen’s tips for new bingo players

– There are dozens of games to play on the site, but to start with I’d recommend the Lounge, Sapphire, Bingo 20 and Bejewelled Bingo Rooms.

– Check out all the offers on the promotions page – there’s always lots going on, like special games with big prizes to be won.

– You don’t need to spend more than you can afford. I played with just 60p to get the jackpot and it only takes one ticket to be a winner

Want to play Woman’s Own Bingo?

New mmbers get a bonus £25 free play with their first £10 deposit. See site for details on how to claim.




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