Mum of three Deborah H, from Portsmouth won big playing in the Bingo Lounge at Woman’s Own Bingo!

Deborahs’ Woman’s Own Bingo Winners Story

womans own bingo lounge

Play bingo lounge and you could be a winner too!

Getting the last few items of washing from the garden, I wondered if I would have some luck on the bingo this afternoon. Earlier in the day I had logged on to Woman’s Own Bingo and bought two 10p tickets for each of 30 games in the Bingo Lounge, spending a total of £6.  I thought that was good value for all those bingo tickets.

I hadn’t won anything so far, but the last game was about to start just as I’d popped outside. “Maybe I’ll win a few pounds on this one,” I thought.

When I went back indoors and checked the screen, I noticed I only needed two more numbers for the full house. But just as I was getting excited, my computer seemd to freeze. “Oh no, not now!” I laughed to myself.

Suddenly it sprand to life and out popped the two balls I was waiting for – and as they did I noticed that not only had I won the full house prize, I had also scopped the progressive jackpot of £1,990.  That’s an extra jackpot you can win if you cross off all your numbers in a certain number of ball calls.



Congratulations Deborah on your win! We hope you enjoyed spending your winnings!

If you’d like to have a go playing in the Bingo Lounge or any other of our amazing games, head over to Woman’s Own Bingo and join in the fun!


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