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Bingo has a language of its own, known as “Bingo Lingo” but don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the terminology. We’ve got the insider’s guide ready for you here!

Woman's Own Bingo Lingo If you’re new to online bingo you will soon find it’s an incredibly sociable game. There are lots of modern abbreviations and bingo slang you will come across in the bingo chatrooms. Most likely fellow players will start using mysterious terms such as ‘COI’ and ‘GGA’ don’t worry if you’re already feeling confused, they are just being friendly.


If you want to join the chat it will be helpful to understand the bingo slang, here’s our guide to bingo terms to help you get started!


BLNG: “Better luck next game”

BTW: “By the way”

DK: “Don’t know”

GGA: “Good game all”

GG: “Good to go”

GL: “Good luck”

GN: “Good night”

HAGD: “Have a good day”

JJ: “Just joking”

JMO: “Just my opinion”

JTLYK: “Just to let you know”

KIT: “Keep in touch”

L8R: “Later”

SYS: “See you soon”

TC: “Take care”

TY: “Thank you”

TTYL: “Talk to you later”

WD: “Well done”

WTG: “Way to go”

YW: “You’re welcome”

YVW: “You’re very welcome”

If you are more interested in talking about the game with other players then keep the conversations flowing with these acronyms ‘3TG’ means ‘three to go’, ‘FH’ stands for ‘full house’ and ‘QD’ is used for ‘quick draw’. Even if you’re not in the mood to chat it’s always nice to send to congratulate a fellow player with ‘WD’ – ‘well done’ – if they win.


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