womans own bingoOne of the main reasons why online bingo is so popular is because of the way it connects people and allows them to have a natter with others while they play one of their favourite games.

However, if you’re new to the hobby then entering a virtual chat room is bound to seem a little daunting, but relax! Your fellow bingo players will be great fun to talk to and will make the experience more exciting.

Before you start socialising online, it would be a good idea to learn the online bingo lingo first. After all, you don’t want to risk not being able to understand someone during your first conversation!

There are lots of abbreviations and acronyms that people use in chat rooms, so that when they’re gossiping it doesn’t take as long to put across what they want to say and it’s easier to keep one eye on the bingo balls.

Getting to grips with the lingo will mean you make friends easier and fit in better – and you don’t have to worry, because it won’t take long. Using simple phrases like ‘GL’  for ‘good luck’ – and ‘LOL’ – meaning ‘laugh out loud’ – will put other players at ease when they spy a new member and you’ll have lots of people to chat to in no time.

Other friendly expressions include ‘BBL8R’ for ‘be back later’, ‘HAGD’ for ‘have a good day’, ‘TC’ for ‘take care’ and ‘TY’ for ‘thank you’. Remember to be as polite as possible and share your bingo experiences with others.

If you’d prefer to keep the conversation flowing about the game, then there are lots of other chat acronyms you could use. For instance, ‘3TG’ means ‘three to go’, ‘FH’ stands for ‘full house’ and ‘QD’ is used for ‘quick draw’. Even if you don’t want to participate in chat, it’s always nice to congratulate a fellow player with ‘WD’ – ‘well done’ – if they win.

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