We love these Tom Hiddleston facts! Admit it, you were as hooked on The Night Manager as we were, and sexy lead actor Tom Hiddleston was part of the reason why – right?!

Best known for his film roles in Thor, The Avengers and War Horse, British actor Tom really, and we mean really, caught people’s attention here in the UK recently with his starring turn in The Night Manager. But who exactly is this tall, handsome actor that everyone is talking about? And where has he come from? Read on to discover 11 things you never knew about newcomer Tom Hiddleston…


He’s got royal connections – Prince William was actually one of his schoolmates at Eton!

He’s tall…and handsome and tall! Tom actually measures in at a respectable 6’2″.

Word on the street is that Tom likes to relax with a cup of Earl Grey with a splash of milk…Tom-Hiddleston-leather-jacket

But when on nights out he enjoys the odd Jameson on the rocks!

And what does he do when he’s nursing a hangover from the night before? Apparently his favorite TV shows are Fawlty Towers (man after our own heart) and his favourite movie to chill out to is Heat, starring Al Pacino!

He’s award winning! He recently won Best Actor at the 60th London Evening Standard Theatre Awards for his role in Coriolanus.

He caused a stir in The Night Manager in ‘those’ steamy sex scenes, and all before the watershed. Ooh err!tom-hiddleston-sex-scene

Which leads us onto our next point – Tom got his bum out on national TV and everyone loved it!

He’s REALLY talented! He graduated from Cambridge with a double first in Classics and then went onto study at RADA…

Plus when he wasn’t studying he took up music and apparently loves to play the bass-baritone and the trumpet. Who knew?!

He sometimes wears glasses and boy does he look good!! So good.Tom-Hiddleston-glasses




Keep your eyes peeled for Tom in the up and coming movies, I Saw The Light and Kong: Scull Island.