Prince George and Prince William are so similar – in more ways than one!

Ever since he was first photographed just a couple of days after his birth, Prince George has captured the nation’s heart. We’ve swooned over his official photographs, chuckled at his cheeky expressions and mischievous ways, had our hearts well as truly melted when he was snapped by Kate Middleton with his new little sister!

He’s the apple of his parent’s eye, and as he gets older is starting to look a lot like his daddy! But it’s not just a sweep of blonde hair that Prince George has inherited from Prince William.

Recently, Prince George recreated a classic photo of Prince William while attending Trooping the Colour with the rest of the royal family. While the royals smiled and waved at the crowds on the Queen’s official 91st birthday, Prince George looked less than impressed that he had to attend the huge public spectacle.  Kate Princess Charlotte Prince George and Prince William at Trooping the Colour

Prince George is almost four, and as with any little boy forced to dress in smart clothes during the heat – he wasn’t too happy about it! It reminds us of a similarly fed up looking Prince William back in 1988…

Just like dad😂 prince William 1988 – Prince George 2017

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Father and son are alike in more ways than one, so here we look at the many ways that the little Prince takes after his dad in a gorgeous series of photos of Prince George and Prince William…

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