From the school run, to gym clothes, train tips and giggling in public- these are our favourite Diana moments ever!

We think these are the best Princess Diana photos ever because they show just how similar to us she really was. She never let the royal title go to her head, and tried to live as ‘normal’ a life as possible.

Princess Diana was like no other, she was a Royal but also a mum, wife, friend and seemingly, at times, a completely normal person. From doing the school run, to taking a rest after wearing heels all day and laughing at inappropriate things, Diana was one of a kind.

Born in 1961, Diana Spencer married Prince Charles in August 1981 and their wedding was watched by millions! Her amazing wedding dress is one of the most famous royal wedding dresses in the world! In 1982 she gave birth to her first son Prince William and in 1984 she had Prince Harry. Sadly Princess Diana died in Paris in 1997 and her funeral was watched by over 30 million people in the UK alone. Today people around the world still morn the untimely sad death of the Princess.

We couldn’t help but look back at her most memorable moments – in fact these are the moments where Diana proved she was just like us! Which is why we all loved her so much…click through the images in our slideshow.

See Diana’s most memorable dresses in our video below:



  • William Thomas Rogers

    This brought a lump to my throat. I will always remember that Lady with so much fondness and love. She was Their Royalty, but she was Our Diana (and theirs). And the way she ‘raised the boys’ is SO apparent in how they conduct themselves as True Gentlemen today, and yet they have that “Diana Side” that makes them so endearing – ESPECIALLY Harry!

  • […] Princess Diana’s favourite photographer Mario Testino is also going to be on hand to take the official photographs and portraits of the family, which will be released later in the day. Mario said,  ”I am overwhelmed and honoured to be chosen to document this occasion and to carry on the documentation of the family that is the soul of this country, a country that has given me so much.” […]