They're moving! Plus, Kate and William will be making some important trips to Europe...

Kensington Palace has issued an update about The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s plans for 2017. In a statement released earlier this year, which includes a quote from Prince William, the palace also revealed that the family-of-four are in for a big change this year.

When we think of Prince William, we probably imagine him smiling and waving at cheering crowds. Probably dressed in his official uniform. Maybe standing next to the Queen with Kate and his adorable children in tow.

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, Prince George of Cambridge, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Queen Elizabeth II during the Trooping the Colour, this year marking the Queen's official 90th birthday at The Mall on June 11, 2016 in London, England. The ceremony is Queen Elizabeth II's annual birthday parade and dates back to the time of Charles II in the 17th Century when the Colours of a regiment were used as a rallying point in battle.

However, an entirely different side to Prince William was displayed when the BBC offered a look inside the trauma team where Prince William works last year.

Shown online on the BBC website as part of National Air Ambulance Week, the Duke of Cambridge was filmed talking about his work and about the team he flies with for the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

prince william work helicopter pilot

Prince William has loved planes and the prospect of flying ever since he was a little boy. An interest that seems to have rubbed off Prince George. [SEE MORE PICTURES HERE]

 Just like his dad, Prince George seems to be developing an interest in flying and planes at an early age!

The Prince earned his wings as a search and rescue pilot with the RAF. He served between 2009 and 2014 before it was announced he would train to be an air ambulance pilot.

Quite apart from the ‘Prince William work shy’ rumours, the documentary shed light on the hard work and emotionally challenging missions the Duke and his team face on a daily basis.

I look forward to coming here every day, whether it’s 5:30am or going to bed at 2am. The shift work is exciting… And the fact that I love working in a team. That’s something that my other job doesn’t necessarily do.

– Prince William

Not only does the job provide William with a worthy cause to work towards on a weekly basis, but it allows him to spend more time with his family out of the spotlight. In addition, it also offers him a slice or normality. “When I put my air ambulance hat on, and I come here and I fly, I’m one of the team,” says William.

However, his days as an air ambulance pilot and the slice of normality it grants him will soon be over. William’s contract as a pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance comes to an end this summer. In the update released by Kensington Palace, royal officials explain, “HRH will finish his role with the EAAA in the summer in line with his commitment to fly with them for two years.”

The reason for leaving his flying duties behind is Prince William is set to take on more of the Queen’s responsibilities and duties from April. Her Majesty will be stepping down as patron of more than 20 national organisations, following her 90th birthday last year.

Currently, Prince William’s royal duties have been scaled back due to his role as a pilot. William works around 80 hours a month with the charity, with shift patterns usually working out at four days on, four days off. CAA rules dictate that 800 hours is the maximum flying time in a 12-month period.

In addition to his work with the charity, last year William spent 80 days on official royal engagements. In comparison, Prince Philip, 95, carried out official meetings and visits on 110 days of the year. Prince Charles spent 139 days on public engagements. The Duchess of Cambridge will also be increasing her royal workload. Kensington Palace revealed, “Their Royal Highnesses are keen to continue to increase their official work on behalf of The Queen and for the charities and causes they support.”

However, Prince William isn’t set to step up to more royal engagements immediately. A source revealed to The Sunday Times that William is worried about over-shadowing his father, Charles.

A friend confessed, “Some people may question why William still won’t do as much as Princess Anne.”

“He sees that Charles will probably be in his seventies before he becomes king and he doesn’t want to be seen as elbowing his father out the way.”

Meanwhile, William and Kate are also planning their move back to London [READ MORE HERE]. They will relocate to apartment 1A at Kensington Palace ahead of Prince George starting school in September.

The move to London will thrust the whole family further into the media spotlight. Kensington Palace confirmed the news. “The Duke and Duchess will increasingly base their family at Kensington Palace. Prince George will begin school in London in September and Princess Charlotte will also go to nursery and eventually school in London as well.”

Like William, Kate has also tends to shy away from public attention. The Duchess only had visits and meetings on 63 days for the royal family last year. She also took part in royal tours to India and Bhutan, and Canada [CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS]. The Duchess is expected to increase her workload for the royal family in light of the Queen’s scaled back schedule.

Part of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s official work this year will include trips overseas. The Palace have announced that the couple will make an official visit to Poland and Germany this July, at the request of The Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Plus, the couple took an official trip to Paris earlier this year too. The trip to Paris would no doubt have been difficult for Prince William, as this year marks 20 years since his mother, Princess Diana, died in a horrific car crash in the city.



The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be ‘increasingly’ based at their official London residence. However, the young family aren’t quite ready to give up the peace and privacy of their country abode. Kensington Palace revealed, “Their Royal Highnesses love their time in Norfolk and it will continue to be their home.”