Just when we thought Katie Price couldn’t court any more controversy, she has made a shocking confession to the Sunday Times.


During an interview with the bestselling weekend newspaper the Loose Women presenters she revealed that she would go to extreme measures to expand her brood. And that measure is…wait for it…buying a baby!

“I love babies and I was thinking, how can I get one quick? I know it’s hard to adopt, so I thought, can’t I just buy one abroad?”

The 38-year-old then went on to ask the interviewer if she knew “where you go” to buy babies. Before re-emphasising that adopting a baby from an orphanage would “take ages”.

Katie’s future family

The mum-of-five has previously revealed that she is planning another baby during a live Facebook chat to promote her new autobiography Reborn.

Katie price

Responding to the question of whether she wanted more children, the TV star announced that she had already started the legal process to adopt a sixth child.

“I will want more kids but I think I’ll adopt next. That’s my new thing. I’ve started up to adopt a child from abroad,” Katie said.

“I’ve already started the process to adopt, so fingers crossed. You have to do everything legally and go down that road.”

Katie is already mum to Harvey, 14, Junior, 11, Princess, 9, Jett, 3 and Bunny, 2, and has always been open about her love of big families.

Speaking last year as part of AOL’s Being Mum series, she said:

“I’m going to keep going until the doctor says I can’t have anymore.”

The star also posted this revealing quote on her Instagram account less than 24 hours ago.

As well as a throwback snap of herself with Junior, Princess and Harvey a week ago.

Little throw back ❤️❤️

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A sixth child may just be the start!

Revealing why she has chosen adoption, the TV star let slip that she may also try for a 7th child.
“I will have another one as well. I’ll have as many as I can have. But if I can offer a home to another child, why not. I’d have loads,” she said.
But she later added that she’s not a ‘baby machine’:
“I don’t want any physically myself at the moment, I feel like I’m a baby machine. I’ve got to let my body rest.”
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