Another day, another contentious post on Katie Price’s Instagram account.

The mum-of-five has previously faced criticism about pushing her children into the limelight, and the latest snap of her 9-year-old daughter Princess has sent social media users and fans into a tail spin.

My little beaut

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The reason? They suspect that Katie’s third child is wearing a wig or over processing her hair.

Comments regarding her hair read: ‘Her hair looks really dry stop with the straightners you are ruining her hair sooo young… Have you straighten her hair or has she got one of your new wigs on ?… I hope that’s a wig and you haven’t dyed her hair!… Why have you put a wig on her though…’

And one user was so incensed that she blasted the 38-year-old for using her child as a ‘prop’ writing:

‘Why put a wig on ur child… I agree let her child be a child, not by putting wigs and contacts its sad but I really like Katie but I do think it’s wrong… Just STOP using her as your media prop!!!!!!!!!! (sic)’

This is not the first time…

Never one to normally care much for other people’s criticism or opinions, Katie Price has previously admitted that she was ‘wrong’ to post a picture of Princess made-up with a full face of make-up.

The snap, taken while Katie was performing in a pantomime, caused an uproar for showing the young girl caked in make-up.

Although the Loose Women panellist initially defended the picture and posted a video of her daughter hitting back at critics, she eventually relented. Katie admitted during an appearance on the hit daytime show that she made a mistake sharing the photo, telling the panel on the ITV show, “You’re all right. I was in the wrong.”

Now, the former model has gone on to say that she believes all young girls wear too much make-up, and grow up too fast.

“I think sometimes, girls these days they’re so young and they wear all these lash extensions, we didn’t have that back in the day. They look older than what they are.”

The statement was criticised for being highly hypocritical by many viewers. Especially after Katie has previously revealed that Princess plans to launch her own beauty business. She told Star Magazine : “Princess is going to do her own make-up tutorials on Instagram soon. Princess Price will be her stage name, not Andre.”

Katie Price has also accused stars like Michelle Keegan for wearing ‘too much make-up’. The Loose Women panellist made the comment about the Our Girl actress during an interview with Now magazine.

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Katie Price commented about Michelle and other TOWIE stars including Michelle’s sister-in-law Jess Wright saying, “They look good. But they all have so much make-up on. I’d want to strip them back and give them completely different looks”.

Camera action

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Price appeared on National TV last month completely make-up free along with other members of the Loose Women panel. The star received praise for her looks.

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