Could Camilla become Queen? A new survey reveals that more people than ever before are in support of the idea…

She has been the devoted wife to Prince Charles for the last 12 years, and now the Duchess of Cornwall could be readying herself for her most prominent royal role yet. Many have speculated as to what Camilla’s title will be at the time of Prince of Wales’ succession to King.

Could Camilla become Queen

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And now one expert has offered a suggestion that some may struggle to get to grips with. Lord Norton of Louth – a peer in the House of Lords and professor at the University of Hull – has argued that the constitutional stance on this issue is more than clear. Camilla Parker-Bowles could – in theory – one day replace ‘Duchess’ with ‘Queen’. Explaining further he said:

“Upon the death of the Queen, Charles automatically becomes King – that is it. His wife will become Queen Consort, formally established by precedent.

“But if she wishes to be known by another title, that’s a matter of royal prerogative.

“So the monarch could determine that another style will be employed.”

Camilla Duchess of Cornwall – Queen Consort?

camilla parker bowles

At the time of Charles and Camilla’s wedding on 9 April 2005, it was announced that Camilla will be known as Princess Consort – and not Queen Consort – when her husband takes his place as the head of the royal family. While Clarence House won’t comment on this, there have been suggestions that although Camilla is content with this title, it is in fact Charles who wants her to take on the latter.

This idea is supported by comments made by a journalist who has followed royal family for more than three decades. Cited in the Spectator they say:

“This matters hugely to him”. Before adding, “She is the woman he loves, for whom he’s put himself – and us – through so much. And he thinks we’d adore her rather more as queen than with a slightly lesser title.”

Will Camilla ever be Queen?

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But while the Queen herself has recognised Camilla’s pivotal role within the royal household – making her a privy councillor in 2016 – some may question the 69-year-old’s suitability for such a prominent post. Writing in the Spectator, Melanie McDonagh is amongst those who have a strong reaction to the idea of Camilla as Queen. Making her views known earlier this year she said:

“I think Queen Camilla would be a bad thing. It would reward adultery, a relationship between two people married to others, which caused enormous hurt to their respective spouses. To crown Camilla queen would be to suggest that adultery doesn’t matter, that if you persist in wrong behaviour long enough it’ll be worth your while, at least in this life.”

camilla parker bowles

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While there will still be many people who agree with McDonagh’s point of view, a new survey published suggests that more members of the public than ever before support the idea of Camilla becoming Queen in the future.

The survey, conducted for the Mirror newspaper, shows that although only 7% of people supported the idea of Camilla becoming Queen in 2005, now that figure stands at 39%.

While there’s no denying that the move could spark controversy in some quarters, Chris Jackson, royal photographer for Getty Images is keen to point out the merits of the woman who he has followed for the last 13 years.

He said, “The Duchess is just professional in her role, she’s matured in her role over the years and she seems to be comfortable promoting the causes that she’s passionate about: osteoporosis, domestic violence. From a photographer’s point of view she’s working with you and that’s great and it makes my job a lot easier.”

Whether you support the idea or not Camilla Parker Bowles already carries out engagements on behalf of Her Majesty, and this – if nothing else – is set to continue.